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HAYS Sudan provides a complete Clearing service for companies that are doing business in the Sudan.

By clearing and transporting all goods from any of Sudan's ports and delivering them directly using either land, air, river or rail to any part of the country HAYS will become an integral and reliable part of your organisation.

With staff fully trained to handle even the most fragile of cargos that arrive in Port Sudan or any other terminals in the Sudan, customers can rest assured their good will arrive safely and with the utmost speed to their destination.

Machinery can also be provided to handle the special needs of any customer or goods. Low Bed trailers, Fork Lift Trucks, Heavy Lift Cranes and Earth Moving Equipment can all be supplied.

HAYS has in the past cleared container goods, vehicles, heavy loads and sacks from a number of ports including Port Sudan, Suakin, Soba and Khartoum.

HAYS Sudan owns eight Mercedes- Benz trucks with heavy trailers for transporting customer goods to any destination within the Sudan. In addition twenty five trucks are also under the management of HAYS and can be made available at any time.